Coleus blumei 'Painted nettle' (Dark star)

Coleus blumei 'Painted nettle' (Dark star)


This plant nicknamed the ‘Painted nettle’ was hugely popular in Victorian gardens, due to its stunning foliage. It is typically a bedding plant but does well as an ornamental indoor plant! Native to South East Asia and Australia.

This plant requires ‘pinching out’ of the leaves regularly to avoid leggings and encourage it to become bushy. Cut back in winter and re-pot in spring!

Rating- Moderate

Loves- Good light with partial shade. Watering once a week to keep the soil moist. Mist occasionally too

Hates- Not being pinched out (To pinch out- simply cut or pinch off any stem at a point where two stems or two leaves are growing from it. Two new branches will begin to form) This keeps the plant lush and bushy!

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