Aeschnanthus marmoratus 'Zebra basket vine'

Aeschnanthus marmoratus 'Zebra basket vine'


Aeschynanthus marmoratus is a house plant that is also known as the zebra basket vine and the lipstick plant. It is native to Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia. This is a beautiful dark green trailing house plant with oval shaped leaves with purple detail. This plant flowers fro Spring to Summer.


LOVES- Bright indirect sunlight. It can tolerate some direct sunshine but not for long periods of time. Water once or twice a week in the hotter months, however do not allow the plant to sit in winter as this will cause root rot.

HATES- Dry air- ensure you mist this plant frquently to increase humidity and mimic it’s natural tropical habitat. Wrinkled leaves are a sign of dry soil!

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