Begonia albopicta 'Rosea'

Begonia albopicta 'Rosea'


This Begonia is incredible, with its striking white spotted leaves atop a canopy like thick cane like stem this plant looks like a miniature tree. This plant also flowers with beautiful white-pink pendulous blooms. Can reach over a metre so some support might be necessary as it grows.

RATING- Moderate

LOVES- Water regularly with lukewarm water where possible. The soil must always be moist so check frequently to avoid it drying out. Loves humidity so ensure it is misted frequently. Keep in a semi-shady position away from direct sunlight.

HATES- Drying out. Under-watering, ensure the pot has good drainage. However do not overwater as this will lead to water-logging and potential rot! Cold temperatures, keep this plant at room temp or above at all times (Will not appreciate cold draughts)

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