Ctenanthe 'Amabilis'

Ctenanthe 'Amabilis'


This little plant has stunning patterned stripy leaves with deep purple undersides. Related to the Calathea and Maranta family which boasts a huge variety of beautiful patterned and colourful leaves. This plant has the common name ‘Prayer plant’ due to its habit of opening and closing its leaves from day-night, a process called ‘Nyctinasty’

RATING- Moderate

LOVES- Bright but in-direct sunlight- as with many green foliage houseplants direct sun must be avoided. Keep this plant humid by misting frequently or keeping in in a medium-bright steamy bathroom. Enjoys being watered with warm water.

HATES- Direct sunlight. Soggy soil is a big no-keep moist at all times but not waterlogged.

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