Hoya wayetti 'Hindu rope plant'

Hoya wayetti 'Hindu rope plant'


Hoya wayetti or the ‘Hindu rope plant’ is a type of wax plant that is very easy to grow and care for. This gorgeous deep green plant has thick waxy leaves. It flowers with stunning dark pink flowers that smell like butterscotch. Hoya plants were originally named after Thomas Hoy who was gardener to the Duke of Northumberland. He was the first to raise the popularity of this lovely house plant. This plant comes in a pot that has removable hangers attached.

RATING- Easy-Moderate

LOVES- A bright spot with some direct sunlight being beneficial. Water thoroughly every 2 weeks but allow to dry out in between. Hoyas’ hate sitting in soggy soil. This plant needs to be fertilised every month with a water soluble plant food such as ‘Baby Bio’ from Spring to Autumn.

HATES- Dry air- ensure you mist the leaves frequently.

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