Opuntia microdasys 'Bunny ears cactus'

Opuntia microdasys 'Bunny ears cactus'


Opuntias come in a huge variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Opuntia microdasys grows up to 1ft and is covered in tiny hooked barbs called glochids. Known commonly as a Bunny ears cacti due to the shape and structure of the fleshy leaves. This guy looks soft to the touch but will cover you in tiny spines if brushed…be warned!

RATING- Super Easy

LOVES- As with all desert cacti this plant will need a bright and sunny spot where possible, especially throughout winter. The main requirement is fresh air circulation.

HATES- Shade, the light will grow towards the light if it is too dark. Do not mist as these plants don’t need humidity. Overwatering is a big killer of cacti- water sparingly throughout spring-autumn and reduce in winter.

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