Pachira aquatica 'Guiana chestnut'

Pachira aquatica 'Guiana chestnut'


The Pachira aquatica is also known commonly as the ‘Guiana chestnut, Kapok tree, Saba nut or the Money tree’. The tree is native to the tropics and thrives when close to swamps and wetlands. The trunk of this little tree has been braided and is topped with large green ribbed leaves that are positioned in a star formation. It is rumored that this plant brings good fortune and prosperity into your house! This tree will grow very tall if cared for correctly.


LOVES- Water- as it’s latin genus hints at ‘aquatica’ this plant loves moisture. Water 1-2 times a week keeping the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged and mist frequently.

HATES- Dry soil and air. Direct sunlight- keep this tree in a semi-shady to bright position.

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