Christmas Wreath Making: Your Ultimate Guide

Christmas Wreath Making: Your Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the world of Christmas wreath making, where creativity and festive spirit come together to craft beautiful and personalised decorations for your home. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a beginner looking to add a personal touch to your holiday decor, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to create stunning Christmas wreaths.

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Christmas Wreath Making Overview

What is a Christmas Wreath?

A Christmas wreath is a round decorative arrangement typically made from evergreen branches (sometimes adorned with various ornaments) and often hung on doors or walls during the holiday season. It symbolises welcome, warmth, and the spirit of giving.


Why Make Your Own Christmas Wreath?

Creating your own Christmas wreath allows you to infuse your personal style and preferences into your holiday decor. Plus, it's a fun DIY project that can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family in the run-up to Christmas.


Materials You'll Need:

Before you dive into crafting your Christmas wreath, gather these essential materials:

  • Wreath Base: In our guide, we’re using a straw base, but you can use wire wreath frames, foam wreath forms, or even natural grapevine wreaths as your base.

  • Evergreen Branches: Fresh or artificial evergreen branches are the foundation of your wreath. Our kits include a variety of different foliage such as pine, fir, cedar, and spruce.

  • Floral Wire: To secure the greenery and ornaments to your wreath base.

  • Ornaments and Embellishments: This can include ornaments, pinecones, ribbons, berries, faux flowers, and any other decorative items you like.

  • Ribbon or Bow: To hang your wreath.


Our DIY wreath kits include everything you need to create a magical Christmas Wreath.


Now that you're ready, let's jump into the step-by-step process of making your own Christmas wreath - you can follow along with Alys in the video or read through the step-by-step guide below.

How to Make a Christmas Wreath

Step 1: Gather Your Items

Start by unboxing your kit and ensuring you have a straw wreath, reel wire, a bag of mixed decorations, a length of ribbon, raffia and your mixed festive foliage.

On a flat and protected surface - unpack everything from the box and separate it all out in front of you so it’s easily accessible.


Step 2: Begin your wreath

Lay your wreath out and find your reel wire - unravel it slightly and poke it into the wreath to start.

Start to strip off the bottom leaves from all the foliage - do this by pinching the stem about 2-3cm from the bottom and dragging the leaves off (this step will encourage the foliage to lie flat on your wreath and ensure the wire can securely wrap around the foliage to secure it).


Step 3: Add Greenery

  • Begin selecting mixed foliage and make up bundles (2-3 pieces work well depending on their size). Lay the bundle flat onto your wreath next to the reel wire and wrap the wire 2-3 times around the base of the foliage bundle to secure it tightly (note- leave the wire attached to the wreath)

  • Make a second bundle and place it around 1-2 inches underneath the wired stems of the original bundle, you are aiming to cover the existing wire with the new bundle. (Avoid placing the foliage directly on top of the last bundle - you will run out of foliage very quickly!)

  • Continue to create bundles and attach them in the same way- working your way to the very beginning of the wreath. The last bundle can be tucked underneath the first so there are no gaps!

  • Cut off the reel wire and poke it back into the straw wreath to finish

  • Hold your wreath up and check that there are no gaps - at this stage, you can add in any spare foliage to fill it out where needed. Simply push the stems directly into the wreath. Using the same technique add the coloured foliage, berries and twigs as desired.


Step 4: Add Ornaments and Decorations

To attach the decorations cut off 30cm lengths of the reel wire and use it in the following ways:

  • Baubles: thread the reel wire through the bauble hanger, twist a few times to secure then wrap the two lengths of wire around the wreath and twist to secure at the back

  • Pinecones: place the pine cones in the middle of the wire and wrap it around the bottom of the cone, twist a few times and attach as above

  • Cinnamon sticks: wrap the raffia around 3 cinnamon sticks to make a small bundle, thread the wire through the back and attach as above

  • Fruit slices or whole oranges: thread the wire through the base (or pierce an available gap in the whole orange) of 1-3 fruit slices and twist to secure, attach as above


Step 5: Add a Bow

Create a bow using festive ribbon and attach it to the wreath. The bow can be placed at the top, bottom, or off-centre, depending on your preference.


Step 6: Inspect and Final Touches

Take a step back and review your wreath. Make any necessary adjustments, ensuring everything is securely fastened. Trim any excess branches or wire.


Step 7: Hang Your Wreath and Enjoy!

Use ribbon or wire to hang your Christmas wreath on your front door, above the fireplace, or wherever you desire.


Tips and Tricks for Success:

  • Mix Greenery Types: Combine different types of evergreen branches to add depth and texture to your wreath.

  • Balance and Symmetry: Maintain balance and symmetry in your design for a polished look.

  • Personalise It: Add personal touches like family initials or your own favourite ornament to make the wreath uniquely yours.

  • Use Floral Picks: If you want to incorporate delicate or large decorations, consider attaching them to floral picks for easy placement.

  • Preserve Fresh Wreaths: If using fresh greenery, mist your wreath occasionally to keep it looking vibrant.


Creating your own Christmas wreath is a delightful way to embrace the holiday spirit and showcase your creative flair. Whether you opt for a traditional, rustic, or modern design, your DIY wreath will undoubtedly bring joy and warmth to your home during the festive season. So, gather your materials, let your imagination run wild, and get ready to craft a beautiful Christmas wreath that reflects your unique style!


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Christmas Wreath Making FAQ

Who Invented the Christmas Wreath?

The origins of the Christmas wreath can be traced back to ancient civilizations, particularly the Romans. They would exchange wreaths made of evergreen branches during the festival of Saturnalia, which later influenced our modern Christmas traditions.

How Do You Hang a Christmas Wreath?

To hang a Christmas wreath, you can use an adhesive hook, a wreath hanger, or a sturdy ribbon. Simply attach your chosen hanging device to the top of your door and hang the wreath from it. Alternatively, you can also use a nail or wreath holder for a secure display.

How to Hang a Christmas Wreath on a Door?

  • Choose a Location: Decide where on your door you want to hang the wreath.
  • Select Hanging Method: Use a wreath hanger, ribbon, or adhesive hook.
  • Attach the Wreath: Hang the wreath by its frame, ribbon, or wire loop.
  • Adjust and Secure: Ensure the wreath is level and secure before letting go.

Why Do We Have Christmas Wreaths?

Christmas wreaths have both religious and cultural significance. They symbolise eternity and the circle of life, while the use of evergreen branches represents the hope of new life in the coming spring. Today, they are a beloved tradition, welcoming guests and spreading holiday cheer.

What Do Christmas Wreaths Mean?

Christmas wreaths are often seen as a symbol of hope, joy, and the warmth of the holiday season. The circular shape represents eternity, while the evergreen branches symbolise life and renewal.

Christmas wreaths can also represent a variety of elements associated with the holiday, including the love and warmth of family, the spirit of giving, and the celebration of the birth of Jesus. They can also symbolise the welcoming of guests into your home.

How Long Do Christmas Wreaths Last?

The lifespan of a Christmas wreath depends on whether it's made of fresh or artificial materials. Fresh wreaths typically last around 4-6 weeks, whereas artificial wreaths can last for many years if stored properly. Regular misting and care can extend the life of fresh wreaths.

Where Should I Hang a Christmas Wreath?

You can hang your Christmas wreath on your front door, above the fireplace, in windows, or even as a centrepiece on your dining table. Be creative and choose a location that best showcases your wreath and spreads holiday cheer throughout your home.

Can You Preserve a Christmas Wreath?

Yes, you can preserve a fresh Christmas wreath by misting it regularly and keeping it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Alternatively, consider using a wreath preservation spray to extend its lifespan.

Do Christmas Wreaths Need Water?

Fresh Christmas wreaths benefit from occasional misting to keep the greenery looking vibrant. However, be cautious not to oversaturate them, as excessive moisture can lead to mould and mildew.

How Do I Keep My Christmas Wreath Fresh?

To keep your fresh wreath looking its best, mist it every few days, avoid placing it in direct sunlight or near heat sources, and store it in a cool, dry place when not in use.

When Should Christmas Wreaths Be Taken Down?

Traditionally, Christmas wreaths are taken down on or before January 6th, which marks the end of the Christmas season. However, many people take them down shortly after New Year's Day, while others prefer to keep them up until Candlemas on February 2nd. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and it's all about personal preference and tradition.