Revive your plants with our expert re-potting and re-planting services, ensuring they thrive in their new environment, bringing renewed vitality and beauty to your indoor greenery effortlessly.

Re-potting Services

Has your inch-plant wandered too far from its home? Is your succulent sending out pups? Worried about harming your houseplant by uprooting it? Then why not use our in-store repotting services in Central Brighton.

Choose from a selection of nursery pots, our range of beautiful ceramic and concrete pots, or bring your own and we will repot your plant with a high quality soil mix specific to the needs of your plant. We also offer potting in clay pebbles (also known as Leca).. We can re-pot individual plants, your entire collection and even come to your house to do your big beasties that you just can’t get out of the door!

Price List

  • Small pot (up to 12cm diameter) £4
  • Medium pot (up to 19cm diameter) £6
  • Large Pot (Over 19cm) £10. For home visits please email photos, dimensions and location for a quote.

Please bring the pot you would like it to be transferred to with you, alternatively we have a small selection of nursery pots available to purchase instore.

Re-planting Services

Got a glass vessel at home that would just make THE perfect terrarium? Look no further! We can plant pretty much anything, large or small. Just bring your glassware in and we can give you a quote then and there.

During the consultation we will ask you to choose some plants of our suggestion, depending on whether you have an open or a closed terrarium. We will then run through colour scheme and decoration. All materials are included in our final quote.

Prices start at £10 + plants.

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