House Plant Rental Service

  • Did you know that we did a house plant rental service?

    That's right!

    You could borrow a few plants to dot around your venue or do an entire shop takeover - where you borrow every plant and pot and terrarium we have.

    Price list is opposite, and delivery is inclusive within the Brighton and Hove area (min order value £100). This is a fluid list and can be tailored for each event.

    Please note we can travel nationwide for this service, but that price will alter due to labour and mileage.

  • The prices below are inclusive of VAT, delivery, collection & styling!

    • 1 plant and pot £10 (face value £30). Maximum height of plant 30cm
    • 1 plant and pot £20 (face value £60). Maximum height of plant 1m
    • 1 plant and pot £40 (face value £120). Maximum height of plant 1.70m
    • 200 plants and pots - including at least 30 with a height of between 1m-1.70m = £950

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